For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb. I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well. - Psalm 139:13-14



Yesterday was a particularly challenging day in the Westfall home. Normally, I'm not inclined to give you a play by play of what happens at our house, but yesterday was just too much.

Cohen had been fighting off a virus along with an ear infection the last few days, which produced a pretty cranky toddler. Combined with a few sleep-deprived nights (courtesy of Cohen's fever and ear infection), Ben and I were probably not in the best of moods or mindsets. It was one of those days in which I probably would have taken a friend up on the offer to hang out with Cohen, but I didn't want to pass around anything contagious he might have had.

So, we just had to face reality as it came to us. Even though we were tired, making me more hormonal and emotional, we had to keep on being parents. That was the kind of day in which I needed God's grace. Cohen is such a blessing, but sometimes being a parent can be exhausting even on the best of days. I really had to muster up all the determination I had to make it through.

And let me say...the day at least ended on a good note. Well, in a weird way. I was getting Cohen ready for bed, which included his ritual bath time. He was playing by himself nicely while I talked on the phone with my brother, Michael. Suddenly, I looked down at Cohen just in time to see an odd expression on his face followed by a surprise. I quickly yelled into the phone, "Cohen just pooped in the tub, I gotta go" and then grabbed Cohen out of the water. Then, in trying to clean up the mess quickly, I thought I heard my scooping bucket leaking. Not seeing any leaks, but still hearing the noise, I look over at Cohen who was peeing on the floor.

I burst out laughing. Cohen, who had previously had an "uh-oh" expression on his face, began to laugh with me, and I just had to give him a huge hug. Despite all our grievances with each other that day, we smiled, took care of cleaning up him and the tub, and enjoyed a peaceful remainder of our evening.

No matter how challenging, I thank God for these moments. I thank God for giving me Cohen who keeps me grounded in reality, not wallowing in self-pity. He also gives us lots of laughs. Laughing really is good medicine. We continue to learn that we need to allow ourselves time and permission to experience every range of emotion; we need both the highs and the lows.


  1. Sarah:that story was too funny.I would love to have been a mouse to observe his little expression.Gpa Bender would have loved that story.I'm glad you had your wits about you to catch the humor in all of that.Hopefully Michael got the end of the story too.What a resource Michael is to you with his knowledge!Love to Cohen as tonight's bathtime approaches!:)

  2. "Got a floater over here...." ;)

  3. What a great story Sarah. I would of loved to of heard Cohen's laugh and seen his expression. Don't you wonder what was going on in his little mind. Remembering you often in my prayers.