For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb. I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well. - Psalm 139:13-14


1/18/11 Update

We have been a little M.I.A. this last week in keeping everyone in the loop due to Cohen and me both getting various illnesses. I think we're finally on the up and up, however. You never appreciate good health quite as much as when you start getting over a sickness. So here are a few tidbits to bring you up to speed on how we're doing. Sorry it's pretty random.

Carter continues to move around a lot every day. While there's still a chance that he could be stillborn, my prayer continues to be that we get at least a few hours of precious time with him. I know God can do a lot more than this, but that's about all the "hoping" I can muster up right about now. We definitely are depending upon the faith and prayers of others to pray for more. (So please...keep praying for miracles!)

I (Sarah) am increasingly more tired and have been struggling with quite a bit of back pain, which is just normal pregnancy stuff. However, prayers for comfort and for sleep are much appreciated.

Our sleepless and sickness-filled week last week left both me and Ben a little raw emotionally. I think we have both been feeling like our time with Carter is slipping by, and as his due date gets closer, we have really mixed emotions. On one hand, I cannot wait to meet the little guy who continues to daily move inside me. I want to hold him and love on him like you can only do after a child is born. However, I know that his birth also means saying goodbye. And that is what we do not feel prepared to handle. God will give us grace and strength in those moments, we are sure. He has been here so far and will continue to be. Not knowing what lies ahead, we just have to depend on Him.

Doctor Update:
Jan. 20: Dr. Appt - Many of you may know that we have decided to deliver Carter at the IU Hospital in downtown Indy. This week, we begin our regular appointments with one of the neonatal specialists there. This doctor is new to us, but we have heard good things about her. Please pray that we can begin to feel comfortable with the staff in Indy. We will also probably meet with the perinatal hospice worker with whom we've been in contact. Between now and when we deliver Carter (date still to be determined), we have a lot of details to work out. We hope to share some of our plans with you at some point.

More Thanks:
Thanks again to everyone for your support and prayers. We continue to be blessed by all our friends, family members, and even complete strangers who are encouraging us, praying for us, and thinking of Carter daily. We are amazed not only be the number of people who care, but also how MUCH they care. Thank you.

Scared to Intrude?
We just want to reiterate that you can feel free to talk to us and ask questions. We aren't looking for more pity or anything, but I know several people who have said that they didn't know whether to say something to us or stay away. So, I just wanted to be forthright with where we stand. I know words don't always come easy (they don't for us either), but talking is much easier for us than knowing how to deal with avoidance. You are not intruding. Even a simple "We're sorry" or "I'm praying for you" blesses us. Talking about the facts of what's going on is generally therapeutic. We don't expect everyone to say something, but want you to feel that you can.


  1. Sarah and Ben,
    Thank you for sharing this journey with us. What I have garnered from your experience is the importance of Communicating, Validating, and Appreciating loved ones while they are with us. It is so difficult in the humdrum and business of our lives to remember to do that.

    As with many people, I am at a loss for words to say to you. (Sarah, having been in class with me, I will bet you find that hard to believe.) Please just know that all of you are in my thoughts, heart, and prayers on this journey and celebration of Carter's life.

    Love, Lisa Simpson

  2. Terez Zorger1/18/2011 4:38 PM

    Dear Sarah and Ben,
    We are studying Hezekiah's prayer (Isaiah 37:14-20) and I am praying in this way for all of you. God is The Lord Almighty and he does love, protect and deliver His own for His Glory!

    With much love,
    Terez and Dennis

  3. I will continue to pray! I can't help but pray when I look out our back windows.

  4. My heart is heavy for your family and reading this has completely humbled me tonight. My thought and prayers are with you and will continue. As much as I wish I could say something uplifting or heartfelt..but there are no words. Just love for you both and strength for you both and your extended and loving family.

  5. We're so, so, sorry. We are praying for your entire family.

  6. Nicole Reichard1/19/2011 1:22 PM

    God had laid your situation heavy upon my heart over the last couple of weeks. I wanted you to know that I am indeed praying for miracles for little Carter. I am studying the book of James right now and it talks about in chapter one believing and not doubting when you ask for something of the Lord. I am really working on my faith and trying to trust that God really can do more in this situation than we can ever imagine. I am praying that God uses a miracle to show his might and power through Carter's life. What a witness he would be if he was healed. I will keep praying this way for you as I can only imagine how hard it must be to hold onto hope right now. Just remember that God will carry you and Ben and Cohen through this no matter what the outcome. I have also been praying for peace in your hearts. Hang in there.

  7. Sarah,
    Thank you for sharing your heart through this blog. I am committed to praying for you and your family throughout the rest of your pregnancy and the days following. Carter is so blessed to have a mommy like you!! I am believing in a miracle!

    Amy Tonagel

  8. I am still praying for a miracle...Carter and Cohen are so blessed to have such a wonderful mommy.

    love Mindy Trusty